Action Plan for Elimination of identified Single-Use Plastics and effective implementation of Plastic Waste Management Rules, 2016

(concerned State/UT)

# Activity/Sub-Activity Budget allocation Nature of activity Timeline Responsible Dept/Agency
1 Policy and Regulatory Framework 20,100,000 Short Term Sept., 2022 Listed against sub-actions
1.1 Preparation of a comprehensive action plan for elimination of single use plastics 100,000 Short Term April, 2022 (Plan prepared) DEST
1.2 Policy for inclusion of components relating to elimination of Single Use Plastic (SUP) and remediation/management of legacy waste in project proposals under SBM 2.0 0 Short Term Sept., 2022 (Notifications issued)) All Deptts, RDD, SPCB, ULB, PRI, UD, Distt. Admn.
1.3 Policy for development of decentralised recycling infrastructure/End of Life Disposal infrastructure, with special focus on low-value plastics 20,000,000 Continuous Sept., 2022 UD, RD, SADA, SPCB
1.4 Policy for effective enforcement of PWMR through byelaws of local bodies (like spot fines 0 Short Term Sept., 2022 (Notifications issued) ULBs, PRIs, SPCB- RD & UD, SADA
1.5 Adoption of sustainable public procurement policy for products and plastic packaging material made of recycled plastics, and alternatives to identified single use plastics, as per applicable standards 0 Short Term Sept., 2022 DEST/ HIMCOSTE, SPCB, PCB, UD, RD
2 Institutional Mechanism 0 Short Term May, 2022 Listed against sub-actions
2.1 Constitution of State Level Special Task Force 0 Short Term April, 2022 (Constituted) DEST
2.2 Identification of nodal department for coordinating the implementation of plastic waste management (for urban as well as rural areas) 0 Short Term April, 2022 DEST
2.3 Constitution of City Level Task Force for million plus cities: under Commissioner of Municipal Corporation or Deputy Commissioner or District Magistrate or any other officer of suitable rank as deemed appropriate by the State/UT Government 0 Short Term May, 2022 DCs &ULB/UD
2.4 Constitution of District Level Task Force (excluding million plus cities) under District Magistrate (for both rural areas and urban areas) 0 Short Term April, 2022 (Constituted) DEST
2.5 Setting up of a plastic waste management cell at State level (each in Urban and Rural Development Departments or the concerned Departments), District level (in Zila Parishad for all the rural areas), and in each ULB 0 Short Term Sept, 2022 RD, UD, Dstt. Admn, PRI
3 Management of Littered Single Use Plastic Items 31,000,000 Short Term March, 2023 Listed against sub-actions
3.1 Identification of littering hot spots with respect to SUP items and development of strategy for their collection and further management 10,000,000 Long Term October, 2022 UD, RD, PCB, SADA,Tourism, Industry Deptt.
3.2 Identification of ingress points of littered single use plastic items in surface water bodies and drains and strategy for prevention 12,000,000 Short Term March, 2023 All concerned deptts, (NYK, Eco Clubs, Yuvak Mandals, Mahila Mandals, SHGs, BVP through DEST & Temple Trusts) Wetland Authority, Distt. Admn. Jal Shakti, Forest, IADA, Tourism, PCB, ULBs, PRI, AGiSAC, HIMCOSTE
3.3 Phased plan for cleaning surface water bodies, and drains of floating singles use plastic items and their further management 4,000,000 Short Term Jan, 2023 Wetland Authority, Distt. Admn. Jal Shakti, Forest, Tourism, PCB, ULBs, PRI, IADA
3.4 Document total quantity of plastic waste present in legacy waste sites and implementation of plan to manage legacy plastic waste - location-wise 5,000,000 Short Term Nov., 2022 DEST, UDD, ULB & PCB
3.5 Activities to be specifically included under Swachh Bharat Mission 2.0 for SUP elimination and management of legacy waste sites, as per guidelines 0 Continuous March, 2023 UDD, PCB
4 Plastic Waste Management including Single Use Plastics 0 Short Term March, 2023 Listed against sub-actions
4.1 Assessment of plastic waste generation in State/UT, District-wise 0 Short Term Nov., 2022 PCB, UDD, RDD, SADA, CB
4.2 Assessment of infrastructure required for plastic waste management – collection, segregation, recycling / EOLD- District –wise 0 Short Term Nov., 2022 DC, ULB, RD, PCB
4.3 District-wise details of infrastructure at municipal and gram panchayat level for collection, segregation and channelization of plastic waste to recyclers/EOLD 0 Short Term Nov., 2022 DC, ULB, RD, PCB
4.4 Gap analysis and strategy for development of infrastructure for PWM –District-wise including ULBs 0 Short Term Nov., 2022 DC, ULB, RD, PCB
4.5 Leveraging of funds under Swachh Bharat Mission 2.0, as per guidelines 0 Continuous March, 2023 DC, ULB, RD, PCB
4.6 Strategy for collection and segregation of plastic waste at the municipal and GP level 0 Continuous March, 2023 RD, UD, SADA & CB
4.7 Scheme for registration of Producers/Importers and Brand Owners and Recyclers and Plastic Waste Processors by SPCB/PCC 0 Continuous March, 2023 PCB
4.8 Development of database of PIBO implementing EPR 0 Continuous March, 2023 PCB
4.9 Scheme for verification/audit of recyclers, PIBOs, EOLD entities by SPCB/PCC 0 Continuous March, 2023 PCB, UDD
4.10 Strategy for regular data collection with respect to plastic waste and reporting under PWMR by State/UT and ULBs 0 Continuous March, 2023 PCB, UD PRI
4.11 Setting up of MRFs 0 Continuous March, 2023 UD-ULB, RD-PRI
5 Enforcement of Ban Imposed on the use of Identified Single Use Plastic Items at District / ULB /GP level 0 Short Term March, 2023 Listed against sub-actions
5.1 Regular enforcement drives and action taken against violations 0 Short Term April, 2024 (Notification issued) DEST
5.2 Identification and closure of manufacturing facilities of prohibited SUP items 0 Short Term October, 2022 SPCB & Industries Deptt.
6 Plastic Recycling Infrastructure and End of Life Disposal Facilities 0 Short Term
6.1 Development of database of recyclers of plastic category wise and also EOLD entities including recycling capacity 0 Short Term
6.2 Development of plan for setting up recycling facilities 0 Short Term
6.3 Incentive scheme for setting up of plastic recycling capacity category-wise 0 Short Term
6.4 Development of industrial composting facilities for compostable plastics: Number and quantity 0 Short Term
6.5 Development of infrastructure for EOLD, - Waste to oil, waste to energy, road construction, coprocessing cement kilns 0 Short Term
6.6 Scheme for promotion of recycling technologies and products made from recycled plastics 0 Short Term
7 Development and Promotion of Alternatives to Prohibited Single Use Plastic Items and Promoting Innovation 0 Short Term
7.1 Development of scheme for providing assistance in setting up manufacturing capacities of alternatives including for enterprises transitioning away from single use plastics (Number of enterprises, Quantity) 0 Short Term
7.2 Providing incentives for penetration of alternatives in the market 0 Short Term
7.3 Development of database of producers of alternative products including compostable plastic manufacturing capacity 0 Short Term
7.4 Promotion scheme for alternatives to prohibited single use plastic items 0 Short Term
7.5 Scheme for promoting producers to change design of plastic packaging to reduce use of plastic packaging material 0 Short Term
7.6 Research and Development on creating alternative packaging materials to plastics 0 Short Term
7.7 Steps taken for promotion of alternatives 0 Short Term
8 Data Collection and Monitoring Mechanism 0 Short Term
8.1 Development of online database and monitoring system covering items covered under Comprehensive Action Plan 0 Short Term
8.2 Online public grievance/complaints portal 0 Short Term
8.3 Mechanism to undertake regular quarterly survey for (i) prohibited singleuse plastic items in plastic waste and (ii) compositional characterization of plastic waste in the following categories (a) Rigid plastic packaging including multilayered packaging, (b) Flexible plastic packaging -single layered and multilayered of the plastics only and (c) Multi layered multimaterial (at least one layer of plastic and at least one layer of other material) plastic packaging 0 Short Term
9 Awareness Generation and Capacity Building 0 Short Term
9.1 Preparation of road map for awareness generation activities at State, District and ULB/GP level for citizens, institutional waste generators, RWAs/Market associations 0 Short Term
9.2 Development of a public movement by engaging with youth organizations such as NCC, NSS, NYK and school students 0 Short Term
9.3 Strategy for targeted campaign at littering hotspots such as tourist spots, places of religious and cultural importance, weekly markets, urban sprawls against littering, and promoting alternate packaging material 0 Short Term
9.4 Capacity building for repurposing and promoting reuse of plastic packaging 0 Short Term
9.5 Capacity building of ULBs and GPs for PWM 0 Short Term
10 Action taken for reducing/elimination of single use plastic items in State/UT Government offices, attached/subordinate offices, PSUs/organization 0 Short Term
10.1 Implementation of actions given in Standard Guidelines for single use plastic issued earlier by the Ministry (enclosed) 0 Short Term